Sleep by ClicheJuice
Summary: Poesie
Categories: NoRomo Characters: Fox Mulder
Award-Winner: Keine
Sprache: English
Tags: Poesie
Series: Keine
Chapters: 1 Completed: Ja Word count: 115 Read: 937 Published: 19 Mar 2012 Updated: 19 Mar 2012
Story Notes:
Hm... die Idee zu diesem Gedicht ist mir gekommen, als ich eine Bewertung von spirita zu meinem Poem „Cuz of you“ durchgelesen habe. Spirita meinte, dass ihr viel an Mulder läge.... das hat mich irgendwie inspiriert... ;)

1. 1/1 by ClicheJuice

1/1 by ClicheJuice
Get some sleep, Fox, sleep.


Forget the pain and thoughts in your overloaded head.

Close your eyes,

trust me,

you need sleep, Fox.

Everyday you are searching, restless.

Always keeping your eyes open.

Searching for a truth, that might not even be out there.

You are obsessed.

Obsessed by something you don’t even know yourself.

Give it up, Fox.

Your body can’t go on.

You are tired.

Tired of searching.

Searching for her.

She knows, that you love her, Fox, Sam really does.

Wherever she might be.

Let her rest.

Get some sleep, Fox, tomorrow will be better.

I promise.

Live your life.

Sleep, just let yourself go and sleep.

Find peace.
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